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The steps of a sleep re-education / re-training

Although the need to sleep is innate, knowing how to sleep is acquired. If you have slept well at some point of your life, it is because you were, unconsciously, trained to it. But it often happens during life that some events or health conditions create insomnia episodes. You lose pieces of your sleep puzzle over time... and you do not know which of them you have lost nor what to do to replace them! Then, you may think you will never be able to sleep again! But would if you broke your leg, would you say that you will never walk again? Of course not. You would have a re-education to be able to restart walking. It is exactly the same with sleep!

To reset your biological clock, you need an action plan. Sleep therapy is divided in different stages. For some people, the very first step will already be enough to solve their insomnia. For others, it will take a little longer. In all cases, applying scientifically proven techniques will quickly give back the sleeper full control over his or her sleep!

Here are the steps of a sleep re-education with SOMNA Institute:

1st step >> Initial complete assessment (1 meeting)

This meeting lasts two hours. It aims to trace the source(s) of insomnia and the dominant nature of the problem (psychological, physical, chemical or a combination of these). During this meeting, we go back over the history of sleep and we identify the pieces of the puzzle that are damaged or missing and that we will put back one by one. We also begin to establish possible solutions, which can be adjusted as we progress. It is not uncommon for people to go back to sleep after this first meeting only. However, when it comes to chronic insomnia, the rehabilitation time for the body and brain is generally longer and requires perseverance and guidance in order to continue on the path of progress.

2 nd step >> Coaching (duration and variable pace, according to the client, his investment and the seriousness of his problem)

This second step is intended to validate progress and adjust as necessary. Because each individual is unique, the sources of insomnia and the solutions to address them are also unique. This is where the personalized program is developed. We revisit sleep beliefs and defuse phobias that may have been developed, we also adapt the lifestyle accordingly (pro-sleep diet and exercise, natural hormonal stimulation techniques, etc.) We use the most appropriate techniques according to the client's source(s) of insomnia (cognitive-behavioural coaching, self-hypnosis, sophrology, breathing, cardiac coherence, self-massage, etc.) and we teach them concrete tips to better control their sleep. At this stage, depending on the client's needs, we offer consultations of 1h30, 1 hour or 30 minutes and modulate their frequency according to progress. Many clients also resolve their problems at this stage.

3rd step >> Specialization (if needed)

This option is used to go deeper into resolving a specific source of insomnia or learning techniques to resolve it. This is where our affiliated specialists come into play (hypnotherapy, sophrology, cardiac coherence, mindfulness, massage therapy, biokinergie, yoga, pilates, Qi-Gong, etc.).

Last step >> Routine follow-ups (if needed)

At this stage, we only do ad hoc follow-ups to validate progress, consolidate sleep and answer remaining questions. Clients contact us as needed, in the event of a temporary regression or if they need a refreshment to keep them sleeping well throughout their lives!

Once you fully understand the mechanisms of sleep and discover your personalized toolset for a good night's sleep, you can celebrate your victory and naturally control your sleep for life!

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